Eliana’s teachings span the globe from Europe in Cyprus and Greece to the UAE in Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Eliana has crafted with the guidance of the eternal consciousness a new modality; a new system. A technique that takes away from you the complexity of learning multiple modules, ensuring you are equipped with every technique possible to be able to practice this learning. Instead, this new system offers you simplicity. An easy way to work together with the high energy frequencies for a fast and permanent result.

The new technique offers you simplicity in:

• Theory
• Understanding
• Practicality

With the format of this new technique, it is very EASY to be successful, practice, help others and teach.

What is also unique about this new system – instant results!

You are initiated in the technique to be able to access the sacred energy of life, the frequency of this method.

You don’t have to wait to learn through long hour courses to be ready to implement, and then practice for a long while before you have become fluent in the teachings.

The simplicity of this technique allows you to manifest results now.

If you feel more than ready to learn how to connect with the high energy frequencies and be able to apply them now to influence different results in your life, this technique is best suited to you.

No prior understanding or teachings are required for you to learn this new system. You could be new to understanding energy and frequencies, or have been working with them for years. This method is available to all levels thanks to its simplicity and practicality.

Hear and read how Eliana has influenced people across the world to better their lives and the lives of those around them [put link for testimonials here].

These teachings are not limited to the above locations. To learn more about how you could bring these teachings to your location, please contact us.

Keep in mind that bringing courses across waters requires preparation to market the event. Be sure to contact us as soon you have dates in mind so we can work together to bring across the teaching of this new system.