Relationships & Divine Soul mates… may I have this dance?

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Relationships & Divine Soul mates… may I have this dance?

601764_580019552045159_1305851694_nRelationships & Divine Soul mates… may I have this dance?

Our Divine soul mate is already a commitment. Our subconscious knows, our soul knows. We have been together in every dimension, many life times before. There is nothing new; it feels like we know each other for a long time. We see them; we love their soul and every aspect of them.

How do we know when we meet them? Besides the strong magnetic pull to each other, they feel proud for who they are and they are true to themselves, to their essence and they commit themselves from the heart. The energy between the two of us is flowing beautifully and effortlessly from the start. There is no significant effort, just a beautiful flow of exchange of beautiful emotions, admiration, passion, love, attraction, nurture, care, support, acceptance, respect…

The question here is where we find them, how and when can we meet and be with them.

It takes a little work from our part to prepare ourselves for our Divine soul mate as we could easily just miss them by making another choice, based on our fears, needs, anger, revenge or any other toxic emotion or pattern.

As the relationship with our Divine soul mate is a commitment from the heart, it takes wisdom, soul healing, self love, self appreciation, and living from the heart, which are usually qualities covered and blocked by our fears, traumas, guilt, pain, doubts…

If we meet our Divine soul mate when we are not ready for them, then we will not be able to recognize them because our frequencies are not compatible to each other. It is adamant that we have a relationship of a true heart connection, so we can share the journey and grow spiritually through love, joy and play with a spiritual loving partner. If our relationship it is not based on true soul travel and it is based on other factors like money, social statues, codependency, safety, the need for someone to feel our inner void, then our partnership will be chaotic, it will be a straggle with expiring date.

For as long as we struggle with self love, self acceptance, we need to prove ourselves, we are needy, we need to be rescued or we are looking for someone who needs  to be rescued and be fulfilled, we are pushing true love away.

We need to love and be proud of our selves to be whole as a person; otherwise we will always need to find someone to fulfill us all the time.

If we want to be loved, respected and accepted for whom we are, first of all we need to equally love our selves without being attached or being needy. Then love it always exists inside us already, otherwise, our fears and insecurities will take over and ruin the relationship.

We can very well erase the possibility to miss our Divine soul mate if we do our soul research and heal those aspects of us that hold trauma, anger, fear, sabotaging patterns and our inner child. We discreate the possibility of going through adventures with other partners to teach us how to love our selves and become happy people with self acceptance and respect.

We need to be in our power, trust and feel proud for who we are, in order to commit ourselves. Higher we vibrate, closer to our Divine soul mate we are.

In a relationship it takes two to tango…it is a dance of love…change your inside to love, so that you may have this dance.