Private Healing

Greetings and welcome!  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching testimonials about my work and I also I hope that now you are ready to experience energy work for yourself.  How can I help?

Email or what’s app me to let me know that you want to schedule a session and we’ll take it from there!

My energy and spiritual work involves working with the highest frequency of energy, the energy of unconditional love. The divine sacred energy I work with has no boundaries and I can channel its healing power remotely anywhere in the world. For our sessions, you may choose an environment – such as your home or any other place – that is relaxing and comfortable for you.

The healing is quick, effective, and permanent and positively impacts the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. The energy heals and filters through to the core, genetic, history and spiritual levels of your subconscious and group consciousness. It releases toxic emotions, eliminates negative patterns and replaces them with positive emotions that help you break the barriers and patterns of failure.

If you change, your life will change. Start the journey today; Quantum Healing at it’s very best!

The healing sessions are offered as follows:

All session investments are due 24 hours before a scheduled appointment, otherwise, the appointment will have to be re-scheduled. Investment amounts are in EUROS and are subject to the exchange rate at the time of booking.

Healing Duration

This transformational session lasts one hour. The sessions are intense, profound and create immediate changes in life.  The healing works to break down long held toxic energy and bring positive life changing opportunities and people in your lives. All our emotions and experiences are built on set of interconnected programs and beliefs. Often during such sessions, you may discover other emotional and spiritual aspects that you wish to heal or develop further.  In such cases, I offer a special package for multiple sessions.

I invite you to try the first session and experience the positive changes that my healing will create. If you feel the healing has helped and wish to work on more issues, I offer a special package of six sessions for the price of five. The sessions can be shared with other family members and used anytime within the year.

Express Healing

At times, we may feel overwhelmed emotionally by an issue, fear or belief and require immediate aid.  The express session is designed to let the energy work on that specific issue, belief or fear. Often during time of turmoil, we need a mind free of fear and clarity to take the right decision to close the issue. The energy is focused and targeted to bring instant relief, while helping you face the issue successfully with the highest confidence and positivity. The duration of the session is thirty minutes and can be held remotely at anyplace and for any situation.


Pet Healing

The bond we enjoy with our pets is unlike any other. They love us unconditionally and bring joy in our life. Like humans, pets are also susceptible to health issues or experience undue stress due to certain energies, taking on an illness to protect the owner, situations or a change of residence. My healing on pets works to increase their emotional health and overall wellness. This energy work is also useful in cases when a pet is unable to build harmonious relationship with a member of the family. The sessions can be done remotely and be focused exclusively on the pets or be held in presence of the pet owner. After the session, I will forward a detailed report on my findings in the session.


As a lifetime comes to an end, people often have unfinished business and unresolved issues – especially around relationships. That lack of resolution and closure often causes undue pain, suffering and hardship on both the person dying and the family. The person might even go into a coma to allow time to themselves to deal with their issues and bring them to a closure. Those are areas where the energy work can help smooth the way and make it easier for closure and peace.

Student Sessions and Mentoring

One of the greatest pleasures in my life is to teach and share the knowledge that I have mastered over the years. In my courses and classroom, I am deeply committed to the learning process and want my students to be successful in their chosen path.  While I make every attempt during my course to equip my students to deal with personal limiting beliefs that block spiritual growth, there are some who may prefer a more personal setting to enhance their development. In such cases, I will be honoured to be a part of your spiritual journey and help you reach those goals.

Mentoring for Practitioners

The path of spiritual growth and development can present some unique challenges. Often, there may be doubts as you are unable to find clarity or are held back by some belief, fear, pattern or block that prevents you from progressing further. Alternatively, you may have a client and require a second opinion or guidance on finding the right healing. In such cases, I am more than happy to be part of the solution and act as you mentor. In my spiritual journey, I have witnessed and resolved different situations and my experience may just be the thing that gives you the edge and clarity you seek in finding your answer.


Energy work for Businesses, Professional Growth and Money Healing

Running a business require many elements to function in sync.  An optimum balance is achieved when there is growth in wealth, the environment draws positive people and the employee morale is high.

To achieve such a state, the energy of the business needs to be cleared from bonds, attachments, promises or obligations, contracts or agreements that had a negative outcome.  The physical space of the business need to be cleansed from such negative energies and replaced with balanced high impact energy of abundance. If the business involves a family, then the relations of the family needs to be healed in order to set new healthy intentions for their business. Also the flow of energy weakens over time as people’s own personal energy or other elements can disturb and create an imbalance. Often these disturbances hinder growth, interrupt money flow and businesses experience unexpected problems leading to financial loss.

Energy healing can help release the negative toxic energy that has accumulated and correct the course to put you back on the road of prosperity and financial abundance. More importantly, energy work will empower you to find the right answers to make the right decisions in growing your business.

Infants and children healing

Children are god’s gift to this planet. We love them and work very hard to give them a life filled with happiness. While we strive to provide the best environment for them to realize their potential, very often their true potential is blocked by the  fears, trauma and suffering that have come through the ancestral line and the time of their creation.  Due to migration of these toxic emotions and patterns through ancestral line, children experience problems in their relationship with their parents, learning, socializing, and expressing themselves or their health. Through my practice, I work with children remotely to allow the nature’s gentle yet powerful power to heal issues that prevent them from experiencing a happy childhood.



Cleansing, healing & re-balancing of house & personal effects

Often we walk into space and intuitively feel uncomfortable. Or perhaps, we move into a place, buy an object and feel that the vibrations around us have changed. Suddenly, we are living a life filled health issues and fears.  Setbacks and conflicts appear unexpectedly.  This is because a strong element of dense energy or accumulated emotional energy is attached to our asset or personal belonging. This energy could be of the previous occupants or of the people involved in constructing or creating the house, a work of art, car, jewellery or any other personal belonging that we use. If the accumulated energy is a combination of fights, hatred or negative emotions, then our life will involve that energy as we reside with it. The healing works help to cleanse, eliminate and re balance the energy of your space or personal belonging. After this new energy is introduced, you will experience more harmony, health, peace and tranquillity in your life.

Restoring your health

When we are healthy, we are able to live our life to the fullest and take part in any activity. However due to age, emotional stress, genetics or life style choices we end up with health issues that undermine the quality of life. Sometimes the reasons are not visible to us and emanate from what we had in our energy prior to our creation or what we took from our ancestral lines. The energy introduced during healing process zones into all our body’s systems, aspects and aligns them to create accelerated healing. The energy first identifies all toxic emotions and patterns accumulated in this lifetime and those carried forward from previous others. After which, then the energy works on breaking and eliminating all such things that are the source of all physical pain. The healing reaches DNA level to eliminate inorganic compounds, emotional negativity and toxins and increase the cellular efficiency to restore mind and body to its ideal environment.

Cleansing, energising & rebalancing your body &energy system

Our body has 7 main chakras, major glands like the pineal gland and many other energy points and channels that traverse our complex human body. When energy flows freely and abundantly in our body, we live a life free of health problems,fear, attachments and negativity. The energy points and chakras are intricately balanced, aligned, energized, to give us clarity in action a good emotional state and good health. They also give us the ability to connect with The Creator of All That Is to have clarity, wisdom to manifest our deepest desires and be in our power. An imbalance in one point creates a knock on effect and lowers our energy field. This weakness makes us prone to setbacks, emotional stress and health issues.

Through my practice, I am able to determine where the blockages lie in your energy points and use the energy to replenish, energize, realigned and balance that point and your entire energy system.

Removing dark energies, entities and curses

The world we live in is not only inhabited by the living but also by the unseen world of spirits such as those of the light and of the darkness. These dark energies can come into contact with us in multiple ways and disrupt our life and also of those around us. Sometimes the unexplained disruptions and negative patterns in our life are due to curses or vows, psychic attacks, attachments to dark energies that we carry or our life style. To better understand the reason, I analyze your morphogenic fields to diagnose the root cause of your problems. Once diagnosed, I work with energy and prayers for the intervention of divine light to remove all negative influences and curses that block your life. Once the work is complete, you will feel different, you will be energized and have more harmony and joy in your life.


Ideal Weight Balance and Management

Allow the power of sacred energy to work and help you reach your ideal body weight. The problem in achieving the ideal weight is usually spiritual; it’s our subconscious mind, the limiting beliefs, fears and traumas of childhood or genetics that block us from seeing the transformation we desire. In this specialized work, I will focus on releasing those blockages and replace them with new positive programs from your higher consciousness and ask for downloads that help you realize your goal and that it is possible for you to be in your ideal weight. You will feel more committed, eat right and witness the result. Treat yourself to this session and let me help you regain the confidence in your body.

Transform your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health with grace and ease – without trauma, drama, or illness and in a fast, permanent and effective manner. 

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

I can help through connecting the highest part of you with the healing and transformational power of the Divine source energy that moves through all life. I’ll show you how to be realigned with your freedom and your own frequency so that you can create the life that you want to live. Worth doing?  I think so!

A Gift Voucher

Bringing happiness into the lives of people close to us is the greatest gift we can give them. In recognition of your desire to see a dear one live to their true potential, I offer gift vouchers on specific healings or can customize one according to your needs.

Join me on this journey of truth and freedom.  You’ll be glad you did…