People come in your life for a reason

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People come in your life for a reason

Do you believe that people that come in your life is your destiny? Is it meant to be, so now you have to go along with that?

To be very honest with you, we are the creators of our life and we create our everyday circumstances. Based on who we are, how we think and how we feel that’s what we attract as experiences. We have many times heart that every relationship we attract in our life is a reflection of the relationship we have with our own self. Also we can never expect someone to love us more than we love ourselves.

The way we treat ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically will definitely reflect on the way others treat us in every relationship we have. What we think about us and how we feel about us will show to us verbally or through someone’s behavior.

If I don’t respect my self, others will not respect me and is exactly then that we usually get upset with the boss, the colleague, the friend, because what we here coming out of their mouth we don’t like. Actually it would be very much to our benefit if we don’t get upset with the others, but to take what has been said as valuable information to learn something important about us.

Now is the appropriate moment to ask yourself the question” Why have I attracted this behavior”?

This kind of circumstances create new opportunities for you to look at your inside world to see what is there that disconnect you from loving yourself more and from happiness.  You need to understand what is there that doesn’t serve you and you need to change to only have a better life.

Paul is a 41 year old successful ales manager who wasn’t paying attention of what was really happening in his marriage and what his wife had to say. He was uninterested until the day his wife asked for a divorce and their 22 years of marriage was at stake. Is only then that he was shaken up, he decided to put his ego aside and take a deep journey with in to find out what was happening and how to change it. He took another, real journey to exotic isolated island Koh Samui, rented a beautiful villa and they took their own time for relaxing and reconnecting. His main concern was to save his marriage. He learned a lot of things about himself as he had to look at childhood traumas and a belief system that no longer served him. He decided to get a serious help to change, and shift the pain, trauma and fears into love and feeling safe within.

People who make things difficult for us are those who come in our life to support us, with improving ourselves and creating a better life. They often come along with an important message which again we need to pay attention to and use it accordingly. These people love us enough to take time out of their life to give us a lesson for us to be able to understand how we can make a happier life for us.

“Nothing comes in our life unless we call it in”

Niki was a woman 45 years young who was introduced by a friend to a guy at his 39. He was a very dishonest person, a big liar and egocentric but he was also an attractive and popular man. After a while Niki started having feelings for him and he on the other side he was playing with her mind. As Niki was trained on the spiritual path she intuitively find out what was playing and she also realized that this guy was a very valuable teacher for her to have around and he was teaching her important things about her relationship with herself and mostly self-love. After she took an inner journey, did all necessary work with herself and brought all the changes needed to transform he suddenly disappeared from her life. That gave Niki the opportunity to attract a little later in her life a nice man.

Everything that we experience, negative or positive, is because we attract it to assist us to become better people. This is why the internal de- cluttering is so important and necessary before we open up ourselves to the possibility of a relationship.

Before you enter a relationship you need to invest in doing the internal work; you need to know who you are and feel proud for that, what you want to do with your life and feel safe within. The truth is that unless you clear what upset you, give you sadness and hurt, anger and resentment as many different toxic emotions or traumas of the past, the same people and circumstances will keep appearing on your path. They might be wearing different cloths, have different names but they will treat you in the same way as the others.

Here is another big truth, the way we attract partners or people in general, is not based on what we want but based on what we hold within as belief system, what we have been taught through childhood. In other words is all about the programming of our subconscious.

Often people struggle to change their circumstances and create a better life for them and are totally understandable; but if you cannot recognize what the problem is you cannot resolve it, you will simply keep on struggling running on a hamsters wheel.

May be the biggest realization you need make here is that for everything that you need you first have to give it to yourself. Do you want someone to love you to the moon well give that first to you and then expect to receive it from someone else as well.

“You need to stop believing that what you want from a relationship it has to come from the other person”.

Eliana Eleftheriou

Human Systems Evolution Technology