House, Space & Land Cleansing

11143279_501998923294152_2280237284954560674_nCleansing, healing & re-balancing of house & personal effects

Often we walk into space and intuitively feel uncomfortable. Or perhaps, we move into a place, buy an object and feel that the vibrations around us have changed. Suddenly, we are living a life filled health issues and fears.  Setbacks and conflicts appear unexpectedly.  This is because a strong element of dense energy or accumulated emotional energy is attached to our asset or personal belonging. This energy could be of the previous occupants or of the people involved in constructing or creating the house, a work of art, car, jewellery or any other personal belonging that we use. If the accumulated energy is a combination of fights, hatred or negative emotions, then our life will involve that energy as we reside with it. The healing works help to cleanse, eliminate and re balance the energy of your space or personal belonging. After this new energy is introduced, you will experience more harmony, health, peace and tranquillity in your life.