Gnosis of the Akashic energy fields

Advanced intuitive healing and psychic development teachings

Attain your highest vibrational connection with Ether the sacred energy of life, to heal, to expand your consciousness, to receive new information and knowledge and to change what is unhappiness to you. Discover the truth of who you are and loving it fully “living moment-to-moment completely fulfilled”. You can learn how to access and work with the wisdom and healing energy held in the Akashic Records fields an energetic archive of every soul’s detailed history and its future possibilities. Once accessible only to spiritual masters, in the recent years the Akashic Records fields are for you to enter anytime.


1. What is the Akasha /Ether and how it woks

2. Access your Akashic fields energy

3. Access others Akashic fields energy

4. Meet your Inner Child through your records

5. Retrieval of a long suppressed gift/talent

6. Let go of Archetypes that no longer serve you.

7. Use the Ether energetic fields to connect to your true wisdom.

8. Healing in the mother’s womb

9. Connect with your Soul Family and Star Seed Family

10. Your healing abilities magnify as you attain new virtues.

11. Travel in time

12. Go into the past and find out where you come from.

13. Meet your Higher self

14. Meet your guardian angel.

15. Meet with an ancestor of yours and a hero you admire.

This seminar is 75% practical experience

Prerequisite: Human Systems Technology Level 1 and Level 2

Includes: Manual & refreshments

Certification: You will be certified as a Human Systems Technology Practitioner, allowing you to use these skills as a practitioner if you choose to.