Declutter your life…

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Declutter your life…

Looking back to this past year that has just been completed, you might feel that you went through a metamorphosis in many different ways. It was a tough way of leaving behind old thoughts, patterns, attitudes, beliefs and approaches to life that no longer serve you…and it is so true as 2017 was the year that brought to a completion, a 9 year cycle of spiritual evolution and learning, to help each one of us to shift to a higher vibration right before we begin our new cycle in 2017.

As we enter in full consciousness a new chapter of our life’s purpose with new energies, we should also practice a deep decluttering of our life in different ways and not just declutter our closets.

Declutter is the way to practice the “Vacuum law of prosperity” and the way to attract prosperity in our lives. The vacuum law of prosperity states that if you want greater good, greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it.  So, one of the fastest ways to manifest prosperity in your life is to create vacuums.
Clutter is defined as anything that is no longer needed, loved, not useful or that is not kept in an orderly manner. Anything that is broken in your home, clothing that you haven’t worn in years, that no longer suits you or fits you and when you run out of space, it ends up in the loft, garage or spare bedroom. Just as a reminder don’t forget to declutter your handbag, briefcase, office,car and email inbox? All accumulated clutter slows the energy running in the in the rooms and its flow from room to room and therefore into your home or business. When the energy slows down all energies run in a slow pace in your life, like money come to you slower, abundance, business, relationships, creation…

Clutter could also be people and friendships that are no longer an added value in your life. If you feel that you have changed and evolved as a person, you’re probably no longer compatible with some of your friends. It could also be the less tangible clutter such as the emotional baggage that you’re carrying around. It could be the limiting beliefs that keep re-hashing in your mind that keeps you stuck. It may be your schedule that is keeping you very busy in unproductive activity.

As soon as you clear the clutter, the law will dictate that it be filled so set an intention to fill it with wealth, joy, happiness and love. If you want some new clothes, clean out your wardrobe. If you want a new job, be ready to let go of the old one. If you want more love in your life, give more love to yourself first. The universe can’t give you something if your hands are full.

The universe is abundant; the only lack is in your mind. To receive prosperity and abundance, create a vacuum to hold it, and you will attract it. You can become a magnet for all the things you want, by letting go of the old, letting go of what keeps you stuck in the past and letting go beliefs.

When people come to me to ask me to help them with moving forward in their lives , I start by looking at how the clutter they keep in their life makes them feel safe, how they are stuck to the past , how clutter distract them from looking at some truth… and much more.


By Eliana Eleftheriou