Cleansing, energising & rebalancing your body &energy system

Our body has 7 main chakras, major glands like the pineal gland and many other energy points and channels that traverse our complex human body. When energy flows freely and abundantly in our body, we live a life free of health problems,fear, attachments and negativity. The energy points and chakras are intricately balanced, aligned, energized, to give us clarity in action a good emotional state and good health. They also give us the ability to connect with The Creator of All That Is to have clarity, wisdom to manifest our deepest desires and be in our power. An imbalance in one point creates a knock on effect and lowers our energy field. This weakness makes us prone to setbacks, emotional stress and health issues.

Through my practice, I am able to determine where the blockages lie in your energy points and use the energy to replenish, energize, realigned and balance that point and your entire energy system.