About Eliana Eleftheriou

Eliana_PhotoEliana is an international Master a teacher, relationship coach, facilitator, mentor, writer and public speaker. She studied the ancient Greek philosophy and trained in different modalities. Eliana also works with sacred geometry as taught by Plato, the power of crystals to magnify the power of healing in specific cases. She is connected with the Eternal Consciousness which is the sacred energy of life that flows in all things in the universe, to bring the change, guidance and protection needed to live your life happily. She works with highest form of energy and combines different elements of spiritual tools available to her, in regards to her initiation at sacred island of Delos in Greece and brings rapid resolution to the issues that block and create obstacles in your life.

Eliana started her spiritual journey early, when at age 6 she discovered the ability to read psychic energy of other people. Curious about her gift, Eliana quest for knowledge took her to the ancient texts of ascended masters and Greek scholars such as Aristotle, Plato and Socrates.  At age 11, she was granted the rarest of privilege when a Holy Shaolin master accepted her as a disciple and she spent 2 years studying the ancient texts, martial arts and the art of connecting with divine consciousness. Her spiritual journey also took her to different energy places and to Peru, where she worked with local healers to enhance her control and understanding of the universal energy. At age 22, Eliana discovered her connection with angelic realm and realized that her journey needed to continue further to fully understand her soul path. In 2009, she quit her highly successful job and chose the path to help people to find their truth and end their pain and sufferings.  She received a number of certificates and masters on different spiritual knowledge. Since becoming a facilitator has facilitated well over 8500 personal sessions and hundreds of workshops, meditations, presentations, participates in radio and TV shows and inspired people to live a life free of pain and suffering. She has also started writing the first of a series of books to help people to get to know themselves and inspire them to excel in every aspect of their life.

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