A loving spiritual relationship

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A loving spiritual relationship

In our life time we are all in a quest for a spiritual living; as spiritual beings we are seeking to connect to the “breath of life” because this is what living a spiritual life is all about.

For fewer people the knowing of connecting to this life force is a natural thing, for most of us though is the experience we have when we open up our hearts to love someone. That is the most common opportunity for us to connect to our soul and higher consciousness. We have the feeling that an electric charge is connecting our hearts with that life force and of course it all happens subconsciously.

This is why we feel the need to stay connected with the significant other, because he/she keeps us constantly connected to this life force; once we are connected our vibration rise to higher levels and we connect to the frequency of unconditional love. Our physical bodies, our energy bodies and our hearts are constantly receiving healing.

Our neurons in our brain are constantly searching for beautiful feelings, thoughts, and ideas and very much inspired from the beauty of life. Faith takes over and it makes it possible to surrender our well being and self-esteem to something other than another person.

With faith we gain the courage to be truthful and build more resilliant sesnse of self. Honest expression of our vulnerability also allows unconditional love tobe present with more healing for our bodies and soul.

We achieve deeper levels of trust, acceptance for each other, understanding and love. Our fear for a defensive behavior as the time goes on and trust thrives and strengthens the relationship.

If we feel that we want to manipulate and control the relationship then we need to look at the cause behind it. Usually some kind of fear is sabotaging our behavior. We want to control or manipulate so that we feel safe, but this is just an illusion that we need to change and substitute with positive feelings, attitude and behavior.

Self-acceptance is essential for a healthy relationship, in that we can only accept and have compassion for our partner to the level we can accept and have compassion for ourselves.

We can only love another as much we can love ourselves

For as long as we understand that a relationship is another way to grow and learn with a partner, of self-discovery and awakening as we open ourselves to one another. If we haven’t invest some time in changing our sabotaging believes to positive thinking and attitude then we will be attracting in our life a partner with whom will have a tough time as our fears and defenses will activated and we’ll end up hurting each other.

When we experience a heart to heart relationship based on admiration, acceptance, love, compassion, support, and care for each other rather than being needy and have expectations then the relationship a space where we can experience freedom, trust, comfort, nurture, safety, love and respect.

Such a loving spiritual relationship is possible when we that awareness that allow us to understand it, look at it and experience it that way.

So then the key to all these is self awareness. When we realize that our defenses, which we thought kept us safe, were only fortify feelings of feeling not good enough, feelings of unworthiness, scattered love and put up barrier to our intimacy growth, true love is in fulfillment.

If you make the spiritual way of living, your path, then you can experience a relationship free of fear, conflict and pain.