Theta Healing® Rainbow Children

Are you interested in awakening and increasing your psychic abilities?

Have you heard of Rainbow children, Indigo children and crystal children? Do you know who they are , what they represent and how they are a blessing for humanity?

Rainbow Children

hqdefaultSince the 1970s, parents and school teachers have noticed that children are becoming increasingly more sensitive, aware, and psychic. The first generation of the new children were the Indigos, followed in the 1990s by the Crystal Children. Now, the new Rainbow Children are starting to emerge.

Rainbow Children are incredibly sensitive intuitive children, teens, and young adults. The Rainbow children are born with unlimited intelligence, infinite wisdom and the ability to change the energy around them. Since the ancient times, the world has waited for these tremendously loving and adaptable Rainbow Children to come in with their boundless love, patience and tolerance. Indigo Children brought in a new age of consciousness and can be influenced by negativity around them, but can now transform to Rainbow Children.

A Rainbow Child changes the energy around them in order to meet the highest needs of human kind. A Rainbow Child has an incredible ‘knowing’ of right and wrong and energetically know to shift the energy.

The term “Rainbow” describes their ability to change and control their own aura or energetic field, hence affecting moods of others around them. This energetic field has been photographed with Kirlian photography.

In this class you will be taken on an adventure to master:

  • how to connect to the Creator
  • how to do the belief work
  • how to create positive feelings
  • empathic readings
  • healings of the body and the soul
  • guided meditations
  • future and guardian readings
  • the Seven Planes of Existence – what they are and how to use them
  • communicating with angels
  • communicating with plants
  • how to heal with crystals
  • how to connect to power animals
  • drumming and totems
  • developing telekinesis abilities
  • know how to change auras
  • how to heal animals

Prerequisites: None required

Seminar investment: €400

You will receive:

You will be certified as a Theta Healing® Rainbow Children Practitioner