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The Intuitive Anatomy seminar is a journey of discovery into the body so that students of Theta Healing® know intuitively all organs of the human body.

Students will learn about feelings and beliefs, which have been inherited in the body. You will also benefit from treatment in all organs and systems through the release of emotions and stored energy. Then we will explore the beliefs that every organ and system holds in relation to patients who manifest the body.

This is the course for any serious student in Theta Healing® who wishes to have a rapid evolution in intuitive diagnosis and treatment of the body with Theta Healing®.

Through this seminar you will learn:

  • That diseases and disorders of the physical body are directly related to our emotions
  • That emotions are a sign that the body has lost its equilibrium
  • To discover new feelings / programs that are linked to every organ and system in the body.
  • What specific beliefs cause which diseases
  • Get great experience of intuitive diagnosis of the body and deepen your knowledge and your spiritual development
  • Will use every day to release the beliefs that you hold in every organ and system of your body


Day 1: Germs, parasites and bacteria. Bitterness, guilt, value, boundaries and depression.

Day 2: Frame and matters relating to our relationship with him / her creator.

Day 3: Endocrine system. Control issues, lack of support, I speak my truth.

Day 4: Digestive System. Anger, bitterness, abuse and safety.

Day 5: Respiratory system. Sadness, enjoyment, the breath of life, inx the body.

Day 6: Heart & circulatory system. Giving and taking love, warmth.

Day 7: Lymphatic system. Confrontation & Troubleshooting.

Day 8: Reproductive System & Guts. Abuse abandonment, Sexuality.

Day 9: Muscular System. Battles, power, rest & relaxation

Day 10: Nervous System. How I see the world. Communication.

Day 11: The Skin. How he sees the world. Beware of expressing emotions.

Day 12: The eyes. I see the truth of the creator, I feel helpless, I feel not to have hope.

Day 13: The brain. What is possible / impossible, balance, mental health.

Day 14: The ears. Hear the truth of the Creator, hear, hears, sanctity.

Day 15: The body as a whole.

Every day, through the seminar, there will be comprehensive practice intuitive on the diagnosis of the body and its systems, connection and communication with organs, release negative beliefs that hold negative beliefs.

Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced Theta training

Seminar investment: €1700

Seminar Duration: 15 days (every 5 days there are two days break)

You will receive:

Anatomy book
Intuitive Anatomy Manual
Certificate of attendance from Think Institute of Idaho.