Theta Healing® The rhythm of your ideal weight

The state of the body’s weight is a spiritual issue. A diet can change the state of your weight but this change will only be temporary. Change your beliefs, change your life and achieve your ideal weight and your inner peace.


Some of the topics covered in the seminar:

  • Find what blocks you from being at your ideal weight.
  • Delete the beliefs that block you from retaining your ideal weight.
  • Delete the restraining beliefs and find what blocks you from managing your weight with success. Learn how  to be your perfect self.
  • Discover the beliefs that are associated with the sense of power and excess weight – why you keep them and how to let go.
  • Discover how to reap maximum benefits from aerobic exercise when you don’t have time to exercise!
  • You will receive energetic downloads that will help you to easily eat less food without missing out on any of the nutritious and beneficial nutrients that you need to feel satisfied with what you eat.
  • Discover that you are not weak and that the reason that you have been struggling so long without result no matter what you have tried are your deeply rooted beliefs..
  • Release beliefs in relation to eating too little or too much, food, exercise, your body image, the fear of being at you ideal weight, the fear of being sensual, strong or beautiful.
  • How to return to your ideal weight using the “Heart Song”

Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing Courses
Seminar Duration: 1 Day

You will receive:
 Seminar Manual
Consultant certification from THInK® certifying institute,  “RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight “, ThetaHealer®.

Fees : € 120