Sacred Activations Courses – Fast changing and effective

Teaching of The advanced level training539706_752905071401546_1146624576_n

  • Certified to practice the first 26 sacred activations

You can practice the foundation activations on yourself or others one to one or in small groups of people as the energy is very powerful.

You will build a strong light body so that you are able not only to receive higher frequency energies but also to maintain the result and help your human system to evolve in a fast pace.

  • Connect to the sacred energy.

You  learn how to connect to the sacred energies of the great central sun from the higher dimensions of the 7 th plane of Creator of All that is. This is the most trustful source of information of support to our evolution of healing and receiving the truth and Wisdom of the sacred of the creation of light.

  • Learn how to disconnect from what stops you from moving forward.
  • Clear traumas, stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, disappointment, victimization, fears …
  • Support your power, confidence, achievements, and success.
  • Create the opportunities for a new loving spiritual relationship or heal the existing one.
  • Create a stressed free balanced and abundant life.
  • Disconnect from dense energies. Learn how to clear your human system your space and anything that belongs to you from dark energies and leave in a healthy environment for you and your family.
  • Support your health.Clear belief systems and sabotaging programs that deteriorate your health and benefit from a healthier life.
  • Spiritual evolution.

This work makes other plane, dimensions and benevolent beings of light accessible for our teachings and evolution,

  • Sacred geometry

This work is bases on the new sacred geometry which is necessary at this time to help us reconstruct and activates our DNA so that we open up to our spiritual powers.

  • Clear the root of the issue permanently.

The sacred energies are reaching deep in our subconscious and disconnect the sabotaging belief systems of ours from:

Collective consciousness

Genetic consciousness

Family consciousness

Tribe and cultural consciousness

  • Set yourself free

You learn how to disconnect from the third dimensional grid system of fear, pain and suffering and align you with the higher awareness of unconditional love.

As a result you enjoy a fear free life in balance, calmness, health in your power and abundance.

Class material

Manual / eBook with lots of instructions and information.

Recording of the 26 foundation activations

Previous Training recording

Practitioner license: Attendance to this course allows practicing the 26 foundation activation to yourself or others.

A 30 minutes free session with me after the class.


No prior knowledge or experience it is required for attending this course.

Nevertheless you need to feel ready to expand your human system and evolve as a spirit.